Commitment to quality health care – Gilgil sub county hospital


Gilgil Hospital stands as a vital healthcare hub, serving an average of 350 to 400 patients daily. The imminent completion of its new maternity wing is anticipated to bring significant enhancements to the hospital’s capabilities, further elevating its capacity to provide essential healthcare services to the community.

Jacqueline Osoro, the County Executive for Health, conducted a supervision visit to Gilgil Sub County Hospital. The visit aimed at assessing the quality-of-service delivery at the Level Four facility, which plays a crucial role in catering to the health needs of approximately 12,000 patients monthly.

Dr. David Kuria, the Medical Superintendent at Gilgil Hospital, shed light on the hospital’s ongoing initiatives to enhance service quality. Utilizing revenue generated, the hospital has made strategic investments in modernizing its infrastructure. This includes the acquisition of a digital X-ray machine, a new ultrasound, and the provision of essential equipment for critical departments like the laboratory and maternity unit.

Despite these advancements, Dr. Kuria expressed a concern regarding the mental health unit. This department, while crucial for the community, consumes over 50 percent of the hospital’s resources. This strain is primarily attributed to the waiver of fees for a significant portion of patients in the mental health unit, reflecting the hospital’s commitment to addressing the mental health needs of the community.

Jacqueline Osoro, accompanied by Chief Officer for Public Health Alice Abuki, Dr. Daniel Wainaina (County Director for Medical Services), and Simon Gaitho (Chairperson of the Hospital Management Committee), emphasized the county’s commitment to providing holistic healthcare.

The support supervision visit not only highlighted the achievements and advancements made by Gilgil Sub County Hospital but also underscored the challenges that need attention. It showcased a collaborative effort between health leadership and on-the-ground medical professionals to ensure that the community receives quality and comprehensive healthcare services.

As Nakuru County continues its efforts to strengthen healthcare infrastructure and service delivery, the visit to Gilgil Sub County Hospital becomes a symbol of the county’s dedication to the well-being of its residents. The ongoing investments and improvements signal a promising future for healthcare in the region, with a focus on meeting the evolving needs of the community and providing healthcare services with compassion and excellence.

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