“A Promise Kept, a Life Transformed”

In a display of commitment to her community, Governor Susan Kihika has turned a promise into a lifeline for ten-year-old Brian Kipkirui. The young boy recently underwent an eye surgery at Tenwek Mission Hospital, where the medical expenses soared to Ksh 250,000. True to her word, Governor Kihika has stepped in to cover the entire cost, alleviating the financial burden on Brian’s family.

The announcement was made by Agriculture CECM Leonard Bor, who personally delivered the Governor’s pledge to the Kipkirui family amidst a congregation gathered at Africa Inland Church (A.I.C) Mau church in Kamara Ward. The atmosphere was one of gratitude and hope as the family received this unexpected support.

Governor Kihika had initially made this commitment during a thanksgiving ceremony in Nyota Ward, Kuresoi North, hosted by Agriculture CECM Leonard Bor on a Friday that now stands as a turning point in young Brian’s life. The Governor’s proactive approach to community welfare resonates deeply, with tangible results witnessed in the lives of those she serves.

Reports from Daniel Kembois’ family, the recipients of this generous support, indicate that their son is on the path to recovery. The relief and appreciation are tangible, echoing the transformative impact of Governor Kihika’s promise.

The thanksgiving ceremony was led by Pastor Samuel Kirui, creating a moment of unity and shared gratitude within the community. Coordinators Luke Sawe from Sirikwa Ward, Antony Ng’eno from Kamara Ward, and Rtd. Chief Sylvester Korir also graced the occasion, highlighting the collaborative effort behind the scenes.

In the fabric of governance, this story weaves a tale of compassion, commitment, and community coming together. Governor Susan Kihika’s actions exemplify leadership that goes beyond politics, reaching into the lives of individuals and making a tangible, positive difference.

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