Advancing Water Accessibility as Kiptank Water Project Handed over in Kamara Ward

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Kiptank Water project


James Tirop, representing the Nakuru Department of Water, officiated the site handover of the Kiptank Water Project in Kamara Ward, Kuresoi North Sub-County. This pivotal project aims to enhance water accessibility for the local community through comprehensive initiatives.

The project encompasses various components, including spring protection, trenching, and pipe laying to establish a connection to the storage tank in Kamara town. Additionally, it involves the rehabilitation of the pump house, the distribution of 2 kilometres of pipelines, and the revitalization of the electricity line to the pump house.

Upon completion, the Kiptank Water Project is set to significantly improve water access for approximately 500 households in Kamara town and surrounding areas, namely Olenguruone, Tabora, Bureti, Labour area, and Chesupeno villages. The provision of safe drinking water closer to homes is a vital step in ensuring the well-being and health of the community.

The handover ceremony witnessed the presence of key stakeholders, including the area MCA John Maritim, Ward administrators, Chiefs, Project Management Committee Members, two former councillors, and the residents of Kamara ward. This collaborative effort signifies a proactive approach by the Nakuru Department of Water to address water accessibility challenges and uplift the quality of life for the local population.

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