Agriculture Department Distributes Hass Avocado Seedlings to Subukia Farmers

The Department of Agriculture has launched a program to provide over 5000 Hass avocado seedlings to more than 600 farmers. The distribution, concentrated in Mumoi, Arashi B, Tetu, and Kijabe areas, reflects a strategic effort to boost the local agricultural landscape and enhance the income of participating farmers.

Agriculture Chief Officer, Kibet Kurgat, shared insights into the initiative, emphasizing that the avocado trees are expected to yield fruit in approximately 18 months. This foresighted approach aligns with the department’s commitment to sustainable agriculture, ensuring a fruitful future for the farmers involved. Kurgat encouraged the recipients to form groups and cooperatives, underscoring the importance of collective strength in the market.

The distribution of Hass avocado seedlings holds the promise of not only augmenting farmers’ incomes but also diversifying the agricultural portfolio of the region. Hass avocados, known for their creamy texture and nutritional value, are sought after in domestic and international markets, presenting an opportunity for farmers to tap into a lucrative market.

Present at the distribution event was Subukia Ward MCA, Isabella Makori, highlighting the collaboration between local representatives and the Agriculture Department. Makori expressed optimism about the positive impact this initiative would have on the local economy, emphasizing the importance of such programs in fostering sustainable development.

The call for farmers to form groups and cooperatives serves as a strategic move to empower them in the market. Collective bargaining power enables farmers to negotiate better prices, access resources efficiently, and navigate the complexities of the agricultural market.

As the distribution continues, the ripple effect of this program is expected to be felt not only in increased avocado production but also in the economic empowerment of individual farmers and the community at large. The Agriculture Department’s proactive approach, coupled with the enthusiasm of local representatives and farmers, paints a promising picture of blooming prosperity in Subukia Ward. The roots of sustainable growth are being planted, and with time, they are poised to yield a bountiful harvest of economic well-being for the region.

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