Bahati Rural Dispensary Champions Healthcare Excellence


In Bahati, Nakuru County, the modest yet resilient Bahati Rural Dispensary stands as a beacon of health and well-being. Today, we celebrate the dedicated health workers who, with a lean yet formidable team, collaborate seamlessly with community health promoters to provide essential healthcare services to Bahati and its surrounding communities.

Despite their size, this healthcare team demonstrates unparalleled commitment, hard work, creativity, and resilience in delivering comprehensive care. Their efforts consistently surpass targets, particularly in Maternal and Child healthcare, showcasing a commitment to the well-being of the community.

The success of Bahati Rural Dispensary is a testament to the dedication of healthcare workers who go above and beyond to fulfill the promises made by H.E. Governor Susan Kihika to Nakuru residents. The dispensary has become a vital healthcare hub, addressing the diverse health needs of the community with precision and care.

Roselyn Mungai, the County Executive Committee Member for Health, expressed gratitude for the transformative partnership with USAID in delivering the Governor’s health agenda. Her visit to the Sub County today, as part of an assessment for the Primary Healthcare model, highlights the collaborative efforts to ensure the delivery of quality healthcare services aligned with the county’s vision for a healthy and thriving community.

In the face of challenges, the Bahati Rural Dispensary stands tall as a testament to the impact that dedicated healthcare professionals can have on a community. Their achievements underscore the power of local initiatives and collaborative partnerships in advancing healthcare excellence and transforming the lives of residents.

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