Bereaving with friends at their hour of need


It was a sad day for Senator Susan Kihika. Today she attended the burial of 14-year old Blessing Emma Muthoni Kahuho at the Nakuru South cemetery.

“Saying goodbye to a life that has barely lived is one of the most difficult experiences. It’s always hard to comfort a parent who has lost a child at infancy. They had the future ahead of them. The promise of life lay ahead. But we can never question the will of God,” said Senator Kihika after the burial.

The baby was daughter to Mr and Mrs Daniel Kahuho. Mr Kahuho is the Chairman of traders at the Nakuru Wakulima market.

“We appreciate God for the time He deemed fit for her to be here. We celebrate her life,” said the Senator.

“To my friends Mr & Mrs Dan Kahuho, my prayer for you is that God give you strength to face the coming days and may He hold you and your family at this painful moment and give you comfort as you mourn the untimely death of Blessing,” she said condoling the family.

While addressing the mourners majority of whom are small scale traders, the Senator said she would always stand for them and she won’t just stand and watch as they are faced with oppressive rules.