Kuresoi South Farmers Receive Pyrethrum Seedlings

Distributing pyrethrum seedlings in Kuresoi South

In a concerted effort to promote crop diversification and enhance economic empowerment among farmers, over 375 farmers in Amalo, Keringet, and Tinet wards in Kuresoi South Sub-county have received pyrethrum seedlings.

The distribution, led by Nakuru County’s Agriculture Chief Officer, Kibet Kurgat, saw a total of 668,000 pyrethrum seedlings distributed in Amalo and Keringet wards, with an additional 428,571 seedlings allocated to Tinet ward. This initiative aims to encourage farmers to diversify their crops, underlining the sustainable income potential associated with pyrethrum cultivation.

Chief Officer Kibet Kurgat, while addressing the farmers, emphasized the economic benefits of embracing pyrethrum cultivation. The goal is to empower farmers economically, leading to increased income and expanded acreage dedicated to pyrethrum cultivation. The County aims to scale up pyrethrum cultivation from the current 2,148 acres to an ambitious target of 30,000 acres across Nakuru.

Pyrethrum seedlings for Kuresoi South
Pyrethrum seedlings for Kuresoi South

The event witnessed the active participation of Kuresoi South Sub-county Administrator Ann Keitany and a representative from the office of the MCA of Amalo ward. This initiative reflects the county’s commitment to supporting agriculture, fostering sustainable farming practices, and improving the livelihoods of farmers in Kuresoi South Sub-county.

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