Boosting Agriculture in Nakuru’s Commitment to Farmers’ Prosperity

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Boosting agriculture in Kuresoi South


Nakuru County remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering a conducive environment for agricultural businesses, aiming to enhance the income of farmers across the region. Agriculture CECM Leonard Bor reiterated this commitment during a visit to the Olenguruone Tea Factory in Kiptagich Ward.

CECM Bor emphasized the importance of accessible and well-maintained roads, especially in agriculturally rich areas, ensuring that farmers can easily reach markets to sell their produce. The county is actively working on improving infrastructure to facilitate smooth transportation and boost economic activities in these crucial sectors.

In addition to road infrastructure, CECM Bor highlighted the county’s support for tea farmers. This support includes the construction and rehabilitation of tea-buying centres, providing farmers with clean and efficient spaces to sell their produce. The Olenguruone Tea Factory, a key player in the county’s tea processing industry, collects a substantial 20 million kilograms of tea leaves annually from over 160 tea buying centres in Kuresoi South Sub-county.

The visit and tour were conducted alongside Amalo Ward MCA Robert Lang’at, underscoring the collaborative efforts between the county government and local representatives to drive agricultural prosperity. As Nakuru County continues to prioritize the agricultural sector, these initiatives aim to empower farmers and contribute to the overall economic development of the region.

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