Boosting Economic Prosperity in Nasher Market as Traders Embrace Utilization of Upper Deck


In a bid to enhance economic opportunities for traders in Nakuru Town East Sub County, the Nasher Market in Biashara Ward is set to witness a transformation as traders are encouraged to utilize spaces at the upper deck of the market. This initiative, aimed at uplifting the economic well-being of both traders and Nakuru residents, is part of the broader vision of the County administration under the leadership of Governor Susan Kihika.

During a public participation session focused on the utilization of the upper deck, County Trade Executive Mr. Stephen Kuria expressed gratitude to the traders for their cooperative engagement in the exercise. He emphasized the county’s commitment to creating a conducive environment that fosters the growth of local businesses, acknowledging the pivotal role traders play in the economic vibrancy of the region.

Trade Chief Officer Mr. Samwel Ndegwa echoed these sentiments, affirming the County Government’s determination to breathe new life into the Nasher Market. The market, equipped with essential facilities such as water supply, power, security, and a functional ablution block, ensures that hygienic standards are observed and maintained, providing traders with a conducive environment to operate.

The public participation exercise served as a platform for constructive dialogue between county officials and the traders, reflecting a collaborative approach to decision-making. The County Government’s commitment to optimizing the utilization of the Nasher Market facility aligns with its broader strategy to empower local businesses and stimulate economic growth.

The traders, elated by this proactive move, expressed their gratitude to Governor Susan Kihika for fulfilling her promise to ensure the optimal utilization of the Nasher Market. They recognized this initiative as a significant step toward enhancing their economic prospects and contributing to the overall prosperity of Nakuru residents.

Present during the exercise included Biashara MCA Hon. Fadhili Msuri, Samwel Maina (Market Superintendent, County), Francis Njoroge (Governor’s Office), Charles Nyanaro (Enforcement Officer), and Anthony Maina (Chair, Nasher Market). Their collective presence underscored the collaborative effort between the local government and market stakeholders, emphasizing the shared commitment to realizing positive economic outcomes for the community.

As traders eagerly embrace the opportunities presented by the utilization of the upper deck, the Nasher Market becomes not just a marketplace but a hub of economic activity and community development in Nakuru Town East Sub County.

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