Bridging Progress: Nakuru County’s Infrastructural Leap in Maai Mahiu and Maiella Ward

Nakuru County is overseeing the construction of three bridges in Maai Mahiu and Maiella Ward, Naivasha Sub-county to fortify urban growth and stimulate economic development . Led by Sub-county Engineer Isaac Kirui, members of the department recently conducted an inspection to assess the progress of these transformative infrastructure projects.

The ongoing construction, with a budget totaling Ksh 16.7 million, encompasses bridges at Rare-Maai Mahiu road, Ereri road, and the concreting of Kamore-Longonot road in Maai Mahiu Ward. These endeavors aim to connect previously isolated areas, fostering improved accessibility for residents to essential public institutions such as schools and health facilities.

The significance of these bridge constructions extends beyond mere connectivity; they are instrumental in mitigating geographical challenges that have left certain areas cut off from the rest. The infusion of Ksh 16.7 million into these projects reflects the county’s commitment to enhancing the overall quality of life for its residents.

The inspection revealed substantial progress, with the construction of the Moindabi Bridge in Maiella Ward nearing completion, standing at an impressive 80%. The remaining tasks primarily involve the installation of gabions, reinforcing the structure for durability and resilience.

The key components of these infrastructural projects include the installation of gabions, stone pitching, porous fill material, dozing for the Ereri bridge construction, and graveling works for the Moindabi Bridge and Kamore road. These meticulous efforts showcase the county’s dedication to ensuring that these bridges not only serve as conduits for movement but stand as robust, sustainable structures that withstand the test of time.

The positive impact of these projects reverberates throughout the community, providing not only improved connectivity but also unlocking the economic potential of the region. The bridges act as gateways to progress, fostering trade, education, and healthcare accessibility for the residents of Maai Mahiu and Maiella Ward.

As Nakuru County continues to invest in key infrastructural developments, these bridge constructions stand as tangible examples of the county’s commitment to fostering inclusive growth and propelling its communities toward a more connected and prosperous future. The completion of these projects is poised to mark a significant milestone in the journey towards a more accessible and resilient Naivasha Sub-county.

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