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As anticipation builds, Nakuru County is set to host the awaited County Business Week, a dynamic platform designed to bring together corporate organizations and businesses spanning various sectors of the economy. The event is scheduled to kick off tomorrow at Waterbuck Hotel, promising a vibrant showcase of products, services, and the capacity of participating organizations to meet the demands of the market.

In a significant prelude to the event, a delegation led by Trade Commissioner Jerome Roux from the Belgium Embassy paid a courtesy visit to the County Headquarters. The purpose of their visit was to explore mutual trade opportunities within the county and pave the way for collaborative ventures between Belgian entities and Nakuru.

During the visit, the Acting County Secretary, Dr. Samuel Mwaura, expressed gratitude to the Belgian delegation for choosing Nakuru as a focal point for potential collaborations. He emphasized that the County Business Week goes beyond a mere display of products and services; it serves as a platform for both the public and private sectors to exchange ideas and foster partnerships that contribute to economic growth.

The Belgium Embassy, in collaboration with Tesmoh International Ltd, expressed a keen interest in working closely with Nakuru County to enhance its economy. The envisioned partnership aims not only to bolster economic prospects but also to generate job opportunities for Nakuru residents. By attracting potential partners through events like the County Business Week, Nakuru is positioning itself as a hub for innovation and economic development.

The visit witnessed the presence of; County Executive Members Stephen Kuria (Trade) and Leonard Bor (Agriculture) joined Chief Officers Alex Maina (Resources Mobilization) and Samuel Ndegwa (Trade), along with Political Director Joseph Rutto. Their collective presence exemplifies the county’s commitment to fostering collaboration and creating an enabling environment for economic growth.

As Nakuru County opens its doors to the business community, the County Business Week becomes not just a showcase of products but a gateway to forging meaningful connections. The collaboration with the Belgium Embassy signifies a broader vision, where international partnerships contribute to the prosperity of Nakuru and its residents. The week ahead promises not only business transactions but also a wealth of opportunities for learning, networking, and sustainable economic development.

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