CECM Roselyn Mungai Leads Efforts to Enhance Healthcare at Olenguruone Sub-county Hospital


Roselyn Mungai, the County Executive Committee Member for Health, embarked on a visit to Olenguruone Sub- County Hospital to engage with staff members and address existing challenges. Despite facing infrastructure obstacles, Olenguruone Hospital has been steadfast in its service delivery, managing over 2,000 cases in the outpatient department monthly and facilitating the delivery of an average of 120 babies per month.

During her visit, CECM Roselyn Mungai interacted with hospital staff to gain insights into the operational dynamics and to identify areas requiring immediate attention. She assured the team of the County Government’s unwavering commitment to overcoming existing hurdles, citing Governor Susan Kihika’s dedication to enhancing healthcare services in the region.

A significant step towards resolving infrastructure issues at Olenguruone Hospital is the allocation of 33 Million by Governor Kihika for the completion of a modern outpatient complex. This investment underscores the administration’s commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure and ensuring that residents have access to quality medical services.

Addressing previous challenges related to contractor payment issues, the CECM confirmed that these issues have been resolved. Consequently, the contractor is set to swiftly return to the construction site, accelerating progress towards the completion of the outpatient complex. This development signals a renewed momentum in infrastructure development efforts within the healthcare sector.

Furthermore, the Department of Health is diligently working towards advertising the contract for the completion of the surgical ward. This proactive approach reflects the department’s commitment to addressing the critical infrastructure needs of Olenguruone Sub-county Hospital and enhancing its capacity to provide comprehensive healthcare services to the community.

The visit by CECM Roselyn Mungai underscores the County Government’s hands-on approach to healthcare service delivery and its commitment to engaging with frontline staff to address challenges effectively. By actively seeking solutions and prioritizing infrastructure development, the government aims to bolster the healthcare system and improve health outcomes for all residents.

As the County Executive Committee Member for Health continues to collaborate with stakeholders and drive initiatives aimed at enhancing healthcare delivery, residents of Olenguruone Sub-county can look forward to improved facilities and expanded services at their local hospital. Through sustained investment and strategic planning, the County Government is laying the foundation for a healthier and more resilient community in Nakuru County.

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