Charis Farm: A Beacon of Agricultural Innovation in Nakuru County

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Agriculture in Nakuru County


County Agriculture Chief Officer Newton Mwaura paid a visit to the Charis Farm demonstration centre in Naivasha Subcounty, owned by Joyce Kiara. This remarkable farm serves as a hub for various agricultural enterprises, including ornamental birds, dairy goats, kitchen gardens, rabbit farming, azolla, black soldier flies, and more.

During the visit, Mr Mwaura commended Ms Kiara for her outstanding efforts in advancing agriculture within the county. Charis Farm plays a vital role in training farmers from Nakuru County and beyond in modern agricultural technologies. Mr. Mwaura expressed the county’s commitment to continuing support and collaboration, providing essential technical extension services to the farm.

This demonstration centre serves as a model for urban agriculture, addressing the challenge of diminishing agricultural land due to urban development. It offers innovative solutions to grow food in limited spaces, contributing to the promotion of sustainable agriculture in Nakuru County.

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