Clean Cooking Week in Nakuru County Wraps Up with a Green Commitment

The Clean Cooking Week, a dedicated campaign aimed at accelerating access to clean and sustainable cooking solutions in Kenya, celebrated a successful conclusion today. Participants demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the environment by planting 5,000 tree seedlings at Nakuru Main Prison.

Nakuru County remains deeply committed to preserving its natural resources, particularly its forests, to ensure an environment that is not only conducive but sustainable for all.

Kennedy Mungai, the Chief Officer for Environment, emphasized the critical role that every Kenyan plays in securing the environment through tree planting. He acknowledged the current state of the environment, highlighting the pressing need for collective action. The campaign’s ambitious goal is to plant 15 billion trees by 2032, a task that requires every Kenyan to willingly take on the responsibility of planting 100 trees annually.

Mungai also extended his gratitude to the Kenya Prison Team, partners, and the Environment warriors for their leadership in tree planting. He noted that they have instituted a commendable tree-planting program across all prison lands.

The event saw the participation of various stakeholders, including officials from the State Department of Energy, Kenya Prison, Director for Environment Grace Karanja, and the Clean Cooking Association Kenya. Their collective efforts reflect a shared commitment to nurturing a greener, more sustainable future.

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