Community Fundraising Drive for AIC Kimugul Church Highlights Development and Accountability

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Today, Hon Joseph Kibore Rutto stood in for H.E. Governor Susan Kihika during a fundraising drive dedicated to completing the AIC Kimugul Church in Amalo Ward, Kuresoi Sub-county. The congregation expressed their gratitude to the Governor and extended an invitation for her to inaugurate the church upon its completion.

During the event, Hon Joseph Kibore Rutto emphasized the utmost importance of showing respect to the Governor and her Deputy. He urged fellow leaders not to exploit young people for disruptive behavior, characterizing such actions as uncultured. He also underlined that each leader holds a mandate from the people and will be held accountable for their performance in the upcoming 2027 elections.

Governor Susan Kihika’s primary focus remains on providing quality healthcare. The allocation of Ksh 50 million to Rongai, Kuresoi North, and Kuresoi South sub-counties for the construction of level 4 hospitals is a testament to her commitment in this area.

The ongoing Sinendet water project, which has already completed 5 km of piping and finalized the Sinendet and Amalo Secondary tanks, will provide clean water access to parts of Amalo Ward, addressing a crucial need in the community.

Furthermore, the Governor has allocated Ksh 342 million for bursaries, ensuring quality education across all 55 wards. Hon Joseph Kibore Rutto also highlighted the importance of national leaders advocating for job opportunities for youth, complementing the initiatives of the county government.

In his address, he echoed the sentiments of the CS for roads, Hon Kipchumba Murkomen, who underscored the need for Members of Parliament to be more creative in their messaging and to focus on engaging with ministries to drive development, rather than merely appearing on radio stations. This shift in approach can help them avoid predictability and become more effective representatives of their constituents.

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