Community Rallies Together in Subukia Ward After Fire Tragedy

In the wake of a devastating fire that engulfed the home of Joseph Mbogo in Subukia Valley on New Year’s Eve, the Department of Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance, under the leadership of Chief Officer Joyce Ncece, teamed up with Subukia Ward MCA Hon. Isabela Makori to provide much-needed relief to the affected family.

The relief efforts included items such as blankets and mattresses for bedding, iron sheets for shelter, and an assortment of food items to alleviate immediate needs. This collaborative response exemplified the solidarity and swift action of the community in times of crisis.

Expressing gratitude to the residents for their rapid response in extinguishing the fire, MCA Hon. Isabela Makori underscored the importance of community support during emergencies. She also took the opportunity to highlight ongoing projects initiated by the administration of Governor Susan Kihika.

Among the projects mentioned were the grading and murraming of roads in Tetu village, aimed at improving infrastructure and accessibility within the region. Additionally, there is ongoing training and empowerment of youths in IT skills, a crucial initiative to equip the younger generation with valuable skills for the future. Furthermore, Governor Susan Kihika’s administration is set to launch an increased bursary fund soon, demonstrating a commitment to education and youth development.

During the relief distribution event, MCA Hon. Isabela Makori also conveyed condolences on behalf of Governor Susan Kihika to the family of the late retired Councillor Joseph Mukiri of Kijabe Farm in Subukia Ward. This gesture of empathy and solidarity reinforced the sense of community and support during times of loss and mourning.

The event was attended by key figures including Subukia Ward Administrator David Gitonga and Ward Coordinator Michael Gathura, highlighting the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders in addressing community needs and challenges.

As the community continues to recover from the tragedy, the spirit of resilience and unity shines through, underscoring the importance of collective action and support in overcoming adversity. Through coordinated efforts and ongoing initiatives, Subukia Ward remains steadfast in its commitment to building a stronger and more resilient community for all its residents

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