Completion of Mbugua Mbugua Road and Drainage Project to Bolster Resilience

The construction of the Mbugua and Mbugua road and drainage system in Rhonda Ward has advanced, with the contractor, Effective Builders Ltd, marking the project as effective. The final phase, which involves the laying of Asphalt Concrete (AS) by KURA, is anticipated to begin soon.

This project’s timing is of utmost importance, given the area’s history of unpredictable weather patterns that have resulted in considerable neighbourhood disruptions. The successful completion of the road and drainage infrastructure will not only enhance accessibility but also contribute to a climate-resilient and flood-resistant city.

Additionally, the City Management is proactively working to implement the sponge city concept to mitigate and manage the devastating impact of flooding. By reconfiguring urban designs and collaborating with the Department of Infrastructure, the city aims to efficiently manage excess rainfall and minimize future flooding, as stated by Mr. Thabanja, the City Manager.

As part of these efforts, the construction of a non-motorized transport system, a significant urban revitalization project, incorporates the sponge city concept. This involves using cabro paving blocks on walkways, encouraging surface run-off water to percolate into the ground, thus reducing flooding and safeguarding lower city communities from its adverse effects.

Upon project completion, the residents will experience substantial improvements in their daily lives. The enhanced accessibility and improved drainage system will facilitate smoother transportation and reduce the community’s vulnerability to adverse weather conditions. This marks a significant step towards a more resilient and flood-resistant city.

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