Cooperative Boost for Pyrethrum Farmers in Kabazi Ward, Nakuru

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Supporting Pyrethrum Farmers in Kabazi

Farmers in Kabazi ward, Subukia Sub-county, have taken a significant step towards maximizing the potential of the revived pyrethrum sector by forming a cooperative. This move, supported by the County Government of Nakuru, aims to empower farmers and enhance their collective impact in the pyrethrum industry.

Kibet Kurgat, the Chief Officer for Cooperatives, commended the Pyrethrum Farmers Cooperative for this initiative, emphasizing the benefits of collective action. By forming a cooperative, members can enjoy economies of scale in the production and supply of pyrethrum, contributing to the economic well-being of the community.

Hon. Kurgat assured the farmers that under the leadership of Governor Susan Kihika, the County Government would actively support them in the aggregation and marketing of their pyrethrum produce. The cooperative, boasting more than 300 members, is set to play a pivotal role in the revitalization of the pyrethrum sector in the region.

During a visit to the cooperative, Mr. Kurgat was accompanied by Mr. Xavier Lugaga, the Cooperative Officer for Bahati and Subukia. Both officials acknowledged the collaborative efforts of private players who have joined forces with the County Government to provide training and capacity building for cooperative members, enhancing their skills and knowledge in pyrethrum farming.

This cooperative venture signifies a positive stride towards sustainable and collective success in the pyrethrum industry for the farmers of the Kabazi ward.

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