County Government Equips Wanyororo Borehole, Bringing Relief to 1,400 Residents in Ndunduri Ward

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Water access Maiella


In a significant step towards enhancing water accessibility, the County Government is set to benefit 1,400 people in Kiamunyeki, Ndunduri Ward, Bahati sub-county by equipping the Wanyororo borehole. Water and Sanitation Chief Officer Engineer Margaret Kinyanjui oversaw the handover of the site to Kewaska Company Limited, marking the commencement of the installation process.

The project involves the installation of a water line and a high steel tower that will accommodate two 10,000-liter tanks. This initiative, prioritized by Governor Susan Kihika, aims to bring water closer to the residents of Ndunduri Ward, addressing the pressing need for improved water access in the sub-county.

As the equipping progresses, the County Government continues its commitment to infrastructure development that positively impacts the lives of its residents, fostering a healthier and more sustainable living environment.

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