County Government of Nakuru Spearheads Transformation for Economic Growth


The County Government of Nakuru is set to usher in a new era for the local coffee industry, aiming to unlock its full economic potential and bring substantial benefits to the residents. Mr. Kibet Kurgat, the Chief Officer for Cooperatives, highlighted the strategic approach of partnering with stakeholders to identify key focus areas that will catalyze the sector’s growth. Governor Susan Kihika’s passion for assisting cooperatives, especially in the coffee industry, underscores the commitment to optimizing the value chain and realizing the crop’s untapped potential.

Speaking during a meeting with members of the Bahati Specialty Coffee Growers Cooperative Society (BSCGCS), Mr. Kurgat emphasized the collaborative effort needed to rejuvenate Nakuru’s coffee industry. The delegation, led by George Talaam, MCA Subukia ward, outlined measures to effectively utilize the sector, including the imperative to fully equip processing factories in three sub-counties: Rongai, Subukia, and Bahati.

Among the key areas discussed were capacity building, marketing strategies, and the adoption of new farming practices to address challenges within the coffee sector. Mr. Samwel Nene, Chair of BSCGCS, expressed gratitude to the county administration for providing a platform that is set to restore the pride and dignity of those engaged in the coffee industry. The cooperative, comprising farmers from Bahati, Subukia, and Rongai Sub-counties, stands as a unified front with members possessing coffee farms ranging from 50 by 100 parcels to 5 acres.

The initiative to transform Nakuru’s coffee industry goes beyond mere economic considerations; it reflects a holistic approach to community development. By revitalizing the coffee sector, the county aims to uplift the livelihoods of farmers, enhance local economies, and contribute to the overall prosperity of Nakuru residents.

Governor Susan Kihika’s vision for a thriving coffee industry aligns with the broader strategy of positioning Nakuru as a hub of agricultural excellence. The collaborative efforts between the County Government and coffee cooperatives signify a commitment to sustainable growth, recognizing the importance of this sector in the local economy.

As Nakuru embarks on this journey of coffee industry transformation, the partnership forged with stakeholders and cooperatives becomes a cornerstone for success. The revitalization of processing factories, adoption of modern farming practices, and strategic marketing initiatives are integral components of a comprehensive strategy to unlock the full economic potential of Nakuru’s coffee industry. This initiative not only promises economic growth but also instills a renewed sense of pride and dignity in the vibrant community of coffee farmers in the region.

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