County Government of Nakuru unites in grief and supports towards a fundraising drive for the tragic loss of Leon Kipruto and Roy Kipkoech

Community of Lengenet in Visoi ward came together to mourn the tragic loss of two young souls, Leon Kipruto and Roy Kipkoech, who lost their lives in a drowning incident in Molo River just last week. The gathering, spearheaded by Chief Officer of Public Participation and Citizens Engagement, Hon. Edward Gitau, showcased the power of community support in times of sorrow.

Hon. Edward Gitau joined family and friends at Lengenet location to organize a funds drive aimed at alleviating the burden of burial expenses for the grieving families. H.E Governor Susan Kihika’s condolence message and financial support were conveyed through Chief Officer Gitau, who expressed the governor’s deep sorrow over the loss of two minors in such a tragic manner.

The chief officer, visibly moved by the somber atmosphere, described the incident as a great tragedy that has befallen the community, emphasizing the profound impact of losing two young lives simultaneously. His words resonated with the collective grief that enveloped the gathering.

In addition to addressing the immediate needs of the bereaved families, Chief Officer Gitau took the opportunity to implore area residents to actively participate in upcoming public forums. These forums serve as platforms for the community to contribute to the decision-making processes concerning various development projects to be undertaken by the County Government. The chief officer highlighted the importance of collective input in shaping the future of the community and encouraged residents to engage actively in the participatory process.

Among those present at the gathering was the local area MCA, Hon. Hellen Chemutai, standing in solidarity with the grieving families. Her presence underscored the unity within the community and the shared commitment to supporting one another during challenging times.

As the sun set over Lengenet, the funds drive served not only as a means to ease the financial burden on the grieving families but also as a poignant reminder of the strength that emerges when a community comes together to share the weight of sorrow and pave the way for healing. The tragic loss of Leon Kipruto and Roy Kipkoech has become a catalyst for unity, compassion, and a renewed commitment to community well-being.

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