County Government Pledges Cooperative Support to Boost Avocado Farmers’ Marketing and Value Addition Initiatives

Bahati Avocado Farmers

Avocado farmers who have united in cooperatives are poised to enjoy substantial benefits, thanks to the unwavering commitment of the County Government to assist in marketing their produce. Cooperatives Chief Officer (CO) Kibet Kurgat has announced that the County Government plans to collaborate with cooperatives to facilitate the marketing of avocados in both the domestic and international markets, while also empowering farmers with knowledge on value addition.

During a general meeting of the Nakuru North Agri-business Farmers Cooperatives in Bahati Sub County, CO Kibet Kurgat assured cooperative members that they will be given priority during the distribution of avocado seedlings by the Department of Agriculture. This initiative aims to not only support farmers in expanding their avocado orchards but also to strengthen the cooperative movement within the agricultural sector.

Accompanying CO Kibet Kurgat was Xavier Lugaga, the Cooperatives Officer for Bahati and Subukia Sub-county. Their joint presence underscores the government’s commitment to working collaboratively with cooperatives to uplift local farmers and enhance the avocado industry’s overall growth.

The County Government’s proactive involvement in supporting avocado farmers through cooperatives signifies a strategic move towards sustainable agriculture and economic empowerment within the region.

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