County Government Takes Proactive Steps in Storm Water Management to Alleviate Flooding Woes

Storm Water Management

The Department of Infrastructure has taken a significant step by deploying an excavator in the Rongai Sub-county. This is in response to the growing concerns of residents facing challenges during the rainy season.

The primary objective of this initiative is to optimize water movement and to achieve this, a 1.35km earth drain is being excavated. The drain, strategically passing through Gogar farm, is designed to channel 80% of stormwater directly to the Molo River. This targeted effort aims to reduce excessive flooding, a persistent issue affecting residents of Jamii, Budalangi, Tabot, Kimango, and students of Vanessa Grant School.

Laban Anyona, the Sub-county Engineer, highlighted that the excavation’s completion will mark the beginning of phase two. This next stage involves the installation of culverts along Undugu, Vanessa Grant, and Rift Valley areas, further enhancing the water management system.

The county government actively unblocks waterways and drainage systems across all wards. This comprehensive approach and emergency measures are a testament to the government’s commitment to ensuring residents’ safety and well-being during the rainy season.

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