Creating Opportunities, Transforming Lives via the Nakuru County’s Youth Empowerment Program

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Nakuru County's Youth Empowerment Program

Nakuru County, under the visionary leadership of H.E Governor Susan Kihika, is driving transformative change through the Youth Empowerment Programme under the initiative “Youth Empowerment and Development,” facilitated by the Directorate of Youth Affairs (DYA). This program aligns with the county’s commitment to fostering decent wealth generation among its youth population.

Structured under the second pillar of the Directorate of Youth Affairs, focusing on the “Generation of Decent Wealth,” the initiative aims to equip various groups and individuals across the county with tools for work, enabling them to generate sustainable income.

In the fiscal year 2022-2023, the DYA made significant strides by supporting 39 youth groups and 20 individuals. The assistance provided includes essential tools such as tents, plastic chairs, PA systems, wheelchairs, ballast mixers, and assorted equipment. These resources empower the youth to create self-employment opportunities and contribute to job creation within their communities.

The impact of the program is evident in four selected wards: Lake-View Ward in Naivasha, Biashara Ward in Naivasha, Rhoda Ward in Nakuru Town West, and Visoi Ward in Rongai Sub-county. By strategically implementing the program on a ward-based level, the county ensures inclusivity and fairness in the distribution of resources.

To uphold transparency and fairness in beneficiary selection, the DYA instituted a Selection and Vetting Committee at the ward level. This committee, chaired by representatives from the office of the Governor, the office of the MCAs, Department and Ward Administrators, evaluates applicants based on criteria such as ethnic balance, gender balance, regional representation, and other ward-specific considerations.

The positive impact of the Youth Empowerment Program is evident in the reduction of crime and drug abuse, as well as the generation of job opportunities. Chief Officer for Youth and Sports, Ms. Stellah Mwaura, highlighted the department’s commitment to expanding the program, leveraging its success stories as a testament to its transformative benefits. The initiative stands as a beacon of hope, driving socio-economic development and empowerment within Nakuru County.

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