Data-Driven Initiatives for a prosperous future

Agriculture in Nakuru County is on the brink of a transformative leap, and the recent activities spearheaded by the Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Agriculture, Leonard Bor, are a testament to the commitment of the county to modernize its agricultural sector.

CECM Leonard Bor recently took a step towards transforming agriculture in Subukia, Bahati, Njoro, Molo, Kuresoi North, and Kuresoi South Sub counties. His inspection of the ongoing training of enumerators/agri-prenuers in these areas marks a pivotal moment in the county’s journey towards data-driven agricultural interventions.

The purpose of this training initiative is to equip enumerators/agri-prenuers with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct extensive farmer profiling and mapping within the county. These individuals will be at the forefront of collecting vital data from farmers throughout Nakuru County. This data will form the cornerstone of a comprehensive and up-to-date database of farmers, which will be invaluable for planning and executing effective agricultural initiatives in the future.

The magnitude of this operation cannot be understated, as it is expected to span over a period of twenty-five days. During this time, the enumerators/agri-prenuers will gather information from farmers, creating a robust foundation for future agricultural policies, strategies, and interventions.

The commitment of CECM Leonard Bor and the enumerators/agri-prenuers is not lost on the local leadership. During the inspection, they were joined by Members of County Assembly (MCAs) who expressed their support for this visionary project. Hon. Leah Ng’ang’a from Kabatini, Hon. Alex Bor from Kiptororo, and Hon. Emmanuel Lagat from Sirikwa all recognized the importance of this initiative and were present to witness the commitment of Nakuru County to elevate its agricultural sector.

This undertaking is a significant stride towards a more prosperous and data-informed agricultural future for Nakuru County. The synergy between the CECM, enumerators/agri-prenuers, and local leadership demonstrates the collective determination to ensure that Nakuru County’s farmers receive the support and resources they need for growth and sustainability. As this operation unfolds, it heralds a promising era of agricultural development in the region.

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