Deputy Governor David Kones Illuminates Nyayo Gardens with Festive Cheer

H.E Deputy Governor David Kones presided over a captivating Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Nyayo Gardens. The event, held this evening, became a beacon of joy and unity, drawing enthusiastic participation from the public and creating a festive atmosphere that encapsulates the true essence of the holiday season.

The ceremony, marked by the illumination of a towering Christmas tree, symbolized not just the onset of celebrations but also a collective embrace of togetherness within the community. Deputy Governor Kones, in his address, emphasized the significance of unity and the spirit of giving during this special time of the year.

In a demonstration of tangible goodwill, the County Administration, in collaboration with Consolidated Bank, extended the joy of the season beyond the ceremonial lighting. Foodstuffs were thoughtfully distributed to 500 families, reflecting the commitment of H.E Kihika’s administration to community welfare. This act of generosity not only provided essential provisions but also served as a powerful reminder of the compassion that binds the community together.

Among the figures present at the ceremony were the County Secretary Samwel Mwaura, Soin MCA Hon. Degeulle Naburuki, and various County Executive Committee Members, including Josephine Achieng (CECM Sports), Gitau Thabanja (City Manager), and representatives from different sectors such as ICT, Tourism, Gender, Trade, and Environment.

The event also saw the participation of key community leaders, including Hindu Council Chairman Shailesh Sheth and a representative from Consolidated Bank. Their presence underscored the collaborative effort between the county administration, local representatives, and corporate partners in spreading the joy of the season.

As the Christmas tree sparkled with vibrant lights, the entire gathering basked in the warmth of community and shared joy. Deputy Governor David Kones, through this momentous event, not only illuminated Nyayo Gardens but also lit up the hearts of the residents, leaving an indelible mark of unity and generosity that will resonate throughout the festive season and beyond. The Christmas spirit was truly alive in Nyayo Gardens, where the glow of the season was reflected not just in lights but in the smiles of a united community.

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