Earth Drain Excavation in Kamara to Mitigate the Impact of El Niño Rains

Earth Drain Excavation in Kamara

In a proactive response to the impending challenges posed by El Niño rains, the County Government of Nakuru has undertaken a crucial initiative in Kuresoi North. A 300-meter earth drain has been excavated at Cheptebe village in Kamara ward, strategically designed to collect water from the road surface and surrounding areas. This drainage system aims to guide the collected water to a safe exit point for proper discharge.

This undertaking aligns with the comprehensive action plan developed and adopted by the County Government to effectively mitigate the anticipated effects of the El Niño rains. In addition to the earth drain, the initiative includes the grading and shaping of feeder roads. This measure ensures that water is directed to the nearest existing drains, allowing stormwater to follow designated channels.

Earth Drain Excavation in Kamara
Earth Drain Excavation in Kamara

The primary objective of these efforts is to safeguard vital socio-economic infrastructure and counter the adverse effects of El Niño on the affected population groups in Kuresoi North. By implementing these preventive measures, the county demonstrates its commitment to the well-being and resilience of the local communities, emphasizing the importance of preparedness in the face of changing weather patterns.

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