Elevating Healthcare in Soin Sub-County Hospital


The Department of Health Services, under the visionary leadership of H.E. Governor Susan Kihika, EGH, is intensifying efforts to elevate Soin Sub-County Hospital to a Level 4 facility to enhance healthcare services to the people of Nakuru County. This ambitious initiative is part of a comprehensive strategy that encompasses improvements in health worker capabilities, infrastructure, and the acquisition of state-of-the-art medical equipment.

The commitment to transforming Soin Sub-County Hospital into a Level 4 facility reflects Governor Susan Kihika’s dedication to advancing the overall health and well-being of the community. Recognizing the pivotal role that healthcare plays in community development, the Department of Health Services is undertaking a holistic approach to ensure that the hospital meets the highest standards of service delivery.

During an impromptu visit to the facility, the County Executive Committee Member for Health, Roselyn Mungai, shared insights into the improvement strategy. She emphasized the importance of rebuilding the community’s trust in this vital healthcare center, making it a cornerstone for accessible and quality medical services.

“As part of the initial actions to elevate the quality of services, the Department has inducted the newly gazetted hospital board to collaborate seamlessly with the health management team,” stated CECM Roselyn Mungai. This collaborative approach aims to foster effective communication and coordination, ensuring that the hospital’s transformation aligns with the needs and expectations of the community it serves.

The improvement strategy extends beyond structural enhancements. The Department of Health Services is investing in upgrading the capabilities of health workers through training and development programs. Additionally, infrastructure upgrades and the procurement of top-notch medical equipment are underway to provide the necessary tools for healthcare professionals to deliver optimal care.

The transformation of Soin Sub-County Hospital into a Level 4 facility signifies a pivotal moment in the community’s access to healthcare. It is not merely an upgrade in designation but a holistic commitment to elevate the standard of medical services, ensuring that residents receive comprehensive and quality care within their own community.

As the journey to enhance Soin Sub-County Hospital progresses, the community can look forward to a healthcare institution that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. This initiative underlines the collective efforts of the Department of Health Services and Governor Susan Kihika’s administration in prioritizing the health and well-being of the people of Soin Sub-County.

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