Empowering Agriculture and Commerce through Road Upgrades

The Department of Infrastructure is unwavering in its commitment to enhance accessibility and streamline the transportation of farm produce from rural areas to markets across Nakuru County. Ongoing road improvements are taking place through the Imarisha Barabara Program, with the aim of bolstering local economies.

One notable project is the Grading of the 1.75 km Mogotio – Kinoyo road in Soin Ward, Rongai Sub-county. This initiative is a significant step towards opening up the region and greatly improving access to essential social amenities.

The Imarisha Barabara Program is designed to be an annual endeavor, with the simultaneous utilization of all available equipment to efficiently complete one section before moving on to another road, following a well-structured schedule.

With the enhancement of road infrastructure, local trade and commerce are poised to flourish. This development will facilitate the easier transportation of goods and services, stimulating increased business activity and fostering the potential for robust economic growth.

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