Empowering farmers – Elementaita ward

In a remarkable initiative that is sowing the seeds of prosperity and enhancing food security, over 55 farmers groups from Elementaita Ward have recently received a boon in the form of 6,755 one-month improved kienyeji chicks. This generous distribution is a testament to the commitment of local authorities to empower their community economically.

The farmers’ groups, who had previously undergone training on the proper management and feeding protocols for these chicks, expressed their gratitude to the administration for this vital support. They understand that this initiative holds the key to transforming their livelihoods and strengthening their economic well-being. With the new additions to their farms, these farmers are poised to reap the rewards of diligent care and responsible poultry management.

Leading the charge in this transformative work is Agriculture Chief Officer Newton Mwaura, whose commitment to uplifting the youth and women in the community is clear. The distribution of these improved kienyeji chicks is not merely a one-time event; it is part of a broader program designed to empower the local population economically and to fortify the county’s food security.

Chief Officer Newton Mwaura also seized the opportunity to encourage the farmers to form and strengthen their groups, emphasizing the multiple benefits that arise from such collective efforts. Group formation is the cornerstone for participation in numerous county programs, which can offer additional support and resources to further bolster their agricultural endeavors.

During this uplifting event, Chief Officer Newton Mwaura was accompanied by Chief Officer Resource Mobilization Alex Maina, Elementaita Ward MCA Hon. George Nene, and several other county officials.

As the improved kienyeji chicks find their new homes and eager caretakers, the future of Elementaita Ward looks brighter than ever. This endeavor is a shining example of how local leadership and community cooperation can have a profound impact on people’s lives, promoting both economic growth and food security.

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