Empowering Governance: Nakuru City Board’s Strategic Workshop


In a bid to fortify governance and align strategies with the vision of H.E Governor Susan Kihika, the Nakuru City Management convened a week-long workshop, signaling a pivotal moment for the Board Members. The intensive sessions were designed to arm each member with the requisite knowledge and tools to execute their duties efficiently, contributing to the mandate of delivering seamless services to the residents.

The workshop’s agenda was thoughtfully crafted to cover critical aspects essential for robust city governance. A comprehensive presentation of the board’s organogram set the stage, providing a visual roadmap of roles and responsibilities. This not only clarified individual duties but also underscored the interdependence required for smooth functioning.

Participants delved into an illuminating overview of both completed and ongoing projects, offering insights into the city’s developmental landscape. This knowledge proved crucial for informed decision-making, ensuring that the Board could actively contribute to shaping the city’s future.

A central point of discussion during the workshop was the draft City Charter, a document poised to be the cornerstone of governance. Board members engaged in thoughtful dialogue, scrutinizing each section to guarantee that it reflected the collective aspirations and values of Nakuru City.

City Board Chair, Mr. Stephen Muli, emphasized the importance of inclusivity in his remarks. “This workshop reinforces an inclusive approach, fostering a unified understanding among both new and existing board members. This promotes collaboration and informed decision-making across the entire board,” he declared, highlighting the commitment to unity and synergy within the team.

The event witnessed the presence of key figures, further enhancing its significance. Honorable John Kihagi, County Executive Committee Member, and County Attorney Caleb Nyamwange, added their weight to the discussions, emphasizing the legal and executive dimensions of the city’s governance.

Peter Palanga, Chair of the County Assembly’s Urban Planning and Infrastructure Committee, brought legislative insights, underlining the importance of aligning projects with the broader county vision. Board Chair Budge Alex Mbugua, along with Francis Njoroge from the Political Office and City Management staff, collectively represented the diverse expertise contributing to Nakuru City’s governance.

In essence, this strategic workshop signifies a commitment to informed and cohesive governance. As the Board members emerge from this week-long immersion, armed with knowledge and a shared vision, Nakuru City can anticipate a future marked by effective, collaborative efforts in serving its people

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