Empowering the youths through sports- Bahati sub county

In an effort to foster youth empowerment and community development, the Department of Youth and Sports in Bahati Sub-County, under the dynamic leadership of Chief Officer Ms. Stellah Mwaura, recently orchestrated a significant distribution of sports equipment across the five vibrant wards.

The distribution event, held at the Kiamana CDF Hall in Bahati, witnessed an enthusiastic participation of local sports teams from Kiamaina, Kabatini, Lanet Umoja, Dundori, and Bahati Wards. The initiative aimed at providing essential resources to enhance sporting activities and create a nurturing environment for the burgeoning talents within the community.

Among the diverse range of sports equipment distributed were football balls, pool tables, GPRS sports watches, draft boards, football uniforms, darts arrows and boards, handball balls, rugby balls, volleyball nets, and balls, showcasing a comprehensive approach to supporting various sporting disciplines.

Chief Officer Stellah Mwaura expressed her gratitude for the collaborative efforts between the Executive and the Assembly, specifically acknowledging the Members of County Assembly (MCAs) for their role in securing sufficient budget allocations for the Sports department through the Sports Fund Kitty. This collaborative spirit exemplifies a commitment to the holistic development of youth through sports.

H.E Governor Susan Kihika, an advocate for youth empowerment, commended the initiative, emphasizing the transformative impact of sports on the lives of young individuals. Governor Kihika highlighted the importance of fostering a sporting culture that not only promotes physical well-being but also instills values of teamwork, discipline, and resilience.

Hon. Leah Ng’ang’a, MCA Kabatini, lauded the initiative as a significant step towards nurturing talent at the grassroots level. The event saw the presence of key figures such as Ag. County Director of Sports David Kimani, Sports Officers, Ward Administrators, and representatives from the Governor’s Political Office, illustrating a unified commitment to the success of this venture.

Furthermore, a representative from the office of area MP Hon. Irene Njoki added her endorsement to the initiative, emphasizing the need for sustained efforts to create avenues for youth to excel in sports. This inclusive approach, bringing together representatives from various levels of government, underlines the shared vision of uplifting the community through sports.

In conclusion, the sports equipment distribution event in Bahati Sub-County stands as a evidence to the transformative power of collaborative efforts in nurturing the potential of the youth. With Governor Susan Kihika’s unwavering support, the Sports department’s commitment to empowering young athletes promises a brighter future for Bahati’s aspiring sports stars. This initiative not only equips them with the tools they need but also sends a powerful message about the community’s dedication to fostering a culture of excellence and inclusivity through sports.

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