Enhancement of Neonatal care- Naivasha sub county hospital


A team of dedicated medical experts from Israel visited Naivasha Hospital today to assess the readiness of the facility and to further engage with the local technical team for upcoming support, primarily focused on the hospital’s newborn unit. This collaborative effort represents a significant step towards strengthening healthcare capabilities and expanding specialized medical services in the region.

Dr. Shifra Ash, the Chair of the Israeli Society of Pediatric Hematology Oncology, led the team during their visit. Their primary objective was to conduct a thorough needs assessment, laying the foundation for a comprehensive plan to enhance neonatal care at Naivasha Sub County Hospital. This initiative is a direct result of a promise made by the Israeli Ambassador Michael Lotem to uplift the capacity of healthcare workers in specialized areas of medicine and to provide critical neonatal specialist support to the hospital.

During the visit, the Medical Superintendent, Dr. Bernard Warui, underscored the pressing need for additional equipment and the expansion of key areas within the hospital, including the Newborn unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and pediatric wards. Dr. Warui emphasized the importance of these enhancements to achieve better patient outcomes. He stated, “We currently manage an average of 30 patients in our newborn unit and approximately 80 pediatric patients per day, far exceeding our existing capacity, which can only accommodate half of this workload.”

The hospital currently relies on two resident pediatricians to handle the current caseload, making the expansion of capacity and the training of additional healthcare workers a crucial priority. This collaborative effort is aimed at bridging the gap between the healthcare demands of the community and the available resources.

The needs assessment tour was led by the County Director of Health Administration and Planning, Dr. Joy Mugambi, and Director of Public Health, Elizabeth Kiptoo, who are essential figures in ensuring the success of this partnership.

The visit by the Israeli medical experts and their commitment to enhancing neonatal care in Naivasha Hospital is a beacon of hope for the community. This collaboration promises to elevate healthcare services, strengthen the neonatal unit, and ultimately improve the health and well-being of residents in the region.

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