Enhancing Afraha Stadium: A Joint Effort for Top-Notch Sporting Facilities

A collaborative initiative involving engineers from Sports Kenya and Athletics Kenya (AK) working alongside City Management is currently underway to inspect the ongoing refurbishment of Afraha Stadium. The aim is to transform this sporting facility to meet international standards.

During their inspection, the team meticulously assessed the construction work to ensure that every aspect of the stadium’s refurbishment adhered to the highest quality standards. Their primary focus was on the structural integrity of the stadium, prioritizing the safety of athletes and spectators.

Furthermore, the team underscored the importance of providing athletes with world-class facilities that can significantly boost their performance and inspire upcoming generations to pursue sports. The City Board recognized and commended the collaborative efforts of Sports Kenya and Athletics Kenya for their dedication to enhancing sports infrastructure in the region.

City Manager, Gitau Thabanja, reaffirmed Governor Susan Kihika’s commitment to promoting sports and physical fitness. The inspection team expressed their satisfaction with the progress achieved thus far.

Currently, the contractor is actively involved in activities such as leveling the pitch, spreading murram on the track, casting the internal drainage, and constructing the boundary wall.

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