Enhancing Healthcare Access: CEC Roselyn Mungai’s Impactful Visit to Bondeni Dispensary

Roselyn Mungai, the County Executive Committee Member for Health, in a commitment to ensure accessible healthcare, recently conducted a visit to Bondeni Dispensary in Nakuru East. The dispensary, a vital lifeline for surrounding villages, provides essential outpatient health services, catering to the health needs of the local population.

During her visit, CEC Roselyn Mungai reaffirmed the county’s dedication to health excellence. One of the key assurances she brought was the commitment to sustained drug supplies, ensuring that even the remotest communities receive the quality care they deserve. This move aligns with the broader vision of H.E. Governor Susan Kihika, who envisions ‘A Healthy County’ where healthcare is a fundamental right for all residents.

“We are actively identifying and documenting replicable successes in our facilities while addressing the bottlenecks hindering service delivery,” stated CEC Roselyn. This strategic approach indicates a proactive stance toward continuous improvement in healthcare services. By recognizing and learning from successful practices, the county aims to enhance overall healthcare delivery and better serve its residents.

Moreover, CEC Roselyn emphasized the importance of a collaborative effort to address health challenges. By working hand in hand with facility management teams, the Department of Health Services seeks to find solutions to existing bottlenecks. This unified approach ensures a holistic and effective strategy to overcome hurdles in healthcare provision, ultimately contributing to the realization of Governor Kihika’s vision for a healthier county.

The visit to Bondeni Dispensary is not just a routine inspection; it symbolizes a hands-on and responsive approach to the healthcare needs of the community. As CEC Roselyn Mungai actively engages with frontline health facilities, the county is poised to make strides in improving health outcomes and fostering a healthier, more resilient community. The commitment to identifying successes and addressing challenges underscores the county’s dedication to continuous improvement in healthcare, ensuring that every resident receives the highest standard of care, regardless of their geographical location.

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