Extending Compassionate Healthcare to the Community- Bondeni Dispensary


Bondeni Level Four Hospital opened its doors wide today, offering free outpatient services to residents—an opportunity for the community to explore the comprehensive healthcare options available right at their doorstep.

Governor Susan Kihika, committed to making quality healthcare easily accessible, pledged innovative approaches to bring services directly into the community, recognizing the significance of primary care as the first line of defense. Today’s initiative reflects this commitment as Bondeni Level Four Hospital becomes a hub for health services that cater not only to emergencies but also to the preventive and general well-being needs of the residents.

County Executive Committee Member for Health, Roselyn Mungai, actively engaged with health workers and citizens during the outreach. Her presence affirmed Governor Kihika’s proactive approach to ensuring continuous improvement and innovation in the healthcare system. The dynamic interaction between health officials and the community showcased a collaborative effort to strengthen healthcare delivery.

Residents were treated to a range of free services, including clinical consultations, diagnostic tests, medication, immunizations, basic health screenings, and general health education. The event not only addressed immediate health concerns but also aimed to promote a culture of preventive healthcare and wellness within the community.

During her discussions, Roselyn assured Bondeni Medical Superintendent, Dr. Joyce Yator, of the Governor’s commitment to supporting the facility. Specifically, there is a focus on operationalizing the newly constructed theatre to facilitate the expansion of more specialized services, demonstrating a dedication to evolving and enhancing the hospital’s capabilities.

Originally rooted as a maternity hospital, Bondeni Level Four Hospital has grown into a comprehensive healthcare provider, offering a spectrum of general inpatient and outpatient services. Roselyn urged members of the public to utilize the full suite of outpatient and inpatient services available, emphasizing the shift towards comprehensive healthcare that addresses diverse health needs.

As Bondeni Level Four Hospital continues to evolve and expand its services, today’s outreach stands as a testament to the commitment of Governor Kihika and the healthcare team to bring quality healthcare closer to the community, fostering a healthier and more resilient population.

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