Gilgil Residents Rally Behind Affordable Housing Project at Gilgil Level 4 Hospital

Nakuru County Governor H.E. Susan Kihika received support from Gilgil residents as she unveiled plans for Affordable Housing Project set to transform part of the land at Gilgil Level 4 Hospital. During a public participation meeting held at the hospital grounds, residents enthusiastically endorsed the construction of 2,000 affordable housing units, heralding it as a development that would revolutionize Gilgil Municipality while providing employment opportunities for hundreds of youths.

Governor Kihika, addressing the gathering, emphasized the transformative potential of the housing project and urged residents to rally behind the initiative to propel the growth of Gilgil Municipality. Highlighting the benefits of the proposed housing program, she outlined plans for its integration with the expansion of Gilgil Hospital to a Level 5 Hospital, alongside the construction of a Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC).

Residents who participated in the meeting expressed their support for the project, emphasizing the importance of local employment opportunities during the construction phase and urging Governor Kihika to prioritize road tarmacking around the facility. Their voices echoed a unified desire for inclusive development and economic empowerment within the community.

Governor Kihika, accompanied by Medical Superintendent Dr. David Kuria, assured residents of her commitment to equipping the new hospital upon completion, as well as securing the land by fencing it and expediting the acquisition of a title deed for the property.

In attendance were several high-ranking county officials, including Deputy Governor H.E. David Kones, County Secretary Samuel Mwaura, Chief of Staff Peter Ketienya, and various County Executive Committee Members (CECMs) and Chief Officers. Their presence underscored the county government’s dedication to collaborative governance and the realization of transformative projects that address the needs of the local population.

The Affordable Housing Project at Gilgil Level 4 Hospital represents a significant milestone in Nakuru County’s quest for inclusive and sustainable development. As plans move forward, the project is poised to not only address the housing needs of residents but also stimulate economic growth, enhance healthcare services, and foster a thriving community in Gilgil Municipality.

With strong community support and committed leadership, Nakuru County is poised to embark on a transformative journey that will uplift lives, bolster infrastructure, and chart a path towards a brighter future for all its residents

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