Githioro Water Project Solarisation Brings Sustainable Clean Water Access to Dundori Ward

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Githioro Water Project Solarisation


The solarisation of the Githioro Water Project marks a pivotal stride towards ensuring sustainable access to clean and safe water for the residents of Dunduri Ward in Bahati Sub-county. This initiative is designed to utilize solar energy to power water pumping from the borehole, reducing dependence on electricity and ensuring a reliable and affordable water supply for over 2,100 residents across the ward.

In line with Governor Susan Kihika’s commitment to community welfare, this project is set to have a profound impact, particularly for households facing challenges in accessing clean water due to high prices or distant water sources. The solarisation of the Githioro Water Project exemplifies the county’s dedication to leveraging innovative and sustainable solutions for the betterment of its residents’ lives.

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