Governor collaborates with churches to promote spiritual leadership

In a display of collaboration between the county government and the church, Governor Susan Kihika is actively working to elevate Nakuru. Hon. Joseph Kibore Rutto, the Political Advisor in the Office of Governor Susan Kihika, recently represented H.E Governor Susan Kihika at the Teret Deliverance Church.

Hon. Kibore participated in the ordination and installation ceremony of Pastor Paul Chelule Ngeno at AIC Teret. The event was a significant moment for the church community and the broader Nakuru region as they welcomed Pastor Paul Ngeno to his role of spiritual leadership.

In conveying the governor’s message, Hon. Kibore extended congratulations to Pastor Paul Ngeno on his appointment to shepherd the flock of Nakuru. He emphasized that the county government, under the leadership of Governor Susan Kihika, is keen on collaborating with the church to foster spiritual growth and community development.

“I am here to wish you God’s blessings in this new chapter of his journey on behalf of H.E. Governor Susan Kihika,” said Hon. Kibore during the ceremony. The presence of the governor’s representative at such a spiritual event underscores the importance of the partnership between the county and religious institutions in promoting values and community well-being.

The ordination ceremony also saw the attendance of Chief Officer Charles Koech, Area MCA Moses Koros, Tanui Kamugulet from Nessuit ward, Women Representative Liza Chelule, former MCAs, and other dignitaries. Their participation highlighted the unity and collaboration between political leaders and the church in nurturing spiritual leadership within Nakuru.

The commitment of Governor Susan Kihika to actively engage with the church and support spiritual initiatives reflects a holistic approach to governance, recognizing the integral role that religious institutions play in shaping the moral fabric of society.

As Nakuru continues to thrive through collaborative efforts between the county government and various community stakeholders, the involvement in events like the ordination and installation ceremony demonstrates a shared commitment to promoting values, community development, and spiritual leadership in the region.

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