Governor Kihika holds discussion with MCAs on pyrethrum farming in Nakuru

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Governor Discussing pyrethrum farming in Nakuru with MCAs


Pyrethrum farming is key in driving the economy of Nakuru County. It is for this reason that Governor Susan Kihika on February 9, 2023 held a consultative meeting with Nakuru Members of the County Assembly to discuss this valuable resource.

The meeting saw discussions on popularizing the pyrethrum as the County’s poster crop in commercial farming.

The meeting was also attended by Kentegra’s head of field operations Micah Thuo.

During the meeting, discussions on the benefits of pyrethrum farming and on lobbying farmers to grow pyrethrum as a means of earning income to alleviate poverty levels were also featured.

It should be noted that due to political and past mismanagement, pyrethrum farming lost momentum in Nakuru, something that Governor Susan Kihika intends to correct.

The County Government of Nakuru, led by Governor Susan Kihika, is fully committed to the revival of the crop.

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