Governor Kihika’s road to prosperity: Duka-Kirima Murraming

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In Murindat Ward, within the picturesque landscapes of Gilgil Sub county, a transformative initiative is underway. The Duka-Kirima Road, a vital lifeline for the local community, is currently undergoing extensive murraming, marking a significant step towards enhanced accessibility and improved mobility.

Governor Susan Kihika, a visionary leader with a commitment to the welfare of her constituents, has spearheaded this project. Recognizing the fundamental role that well-maintained road play in fostering economic growth and community development, Governor Kihika has prioritized the enhancement of infrastructure across all 55 wards under her jurisdiction.

The ongoing murraming of the Duka-Kirima Road is a testament to Governor Kihika’s dedication to creating a robust network of roads that connect communities and stimulate local economies. This project is not merely about the physical transformation of a road; it is about breaking down barriers and ensuring that every resident has easy access to essential services, education, and economic opportunities.

The construction efforts are not only focused on the immediate improvement of the road but also take into consideration the long-term sustainability of the infrastructure. Governor Kihika’s administration is working closely with engineering experts and local stakeholders to ensure that the murraming is executed to the highest standards, with durability and resilience in mind.

As the project progresses, the community is already experiencing the positive ripple effects. Local businesses are witnessing increased foot traffic, and residents are enjoying smoother and more efficient transportation. The Duka-Kirima Road murraming initiative is not just a physical development; it is a catalyst for positive change, fostering a sense of pride and optimism among the people of Murindat Ward.

Governor Susan Kihika’s determination to make more roads accessible reflects her overarching vision for a region that thrives on interconnectedness. Through strategic infrastructure investments like the Duka-Kirima Road murraming, she is laying the foundation for a brighter and more prosperous future for Gilgil Sub county and its vibrant communities.

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