Governor Susan Kihika Demonstrates Solidarity- Mauche ward

H.E Governor Susan Kihika has extended support to the family, relatives, and friends of former councillor Richard Bunei by contributing towards his hospital bill. The gesture underscores the governor’s commitment to standing with the community during challenging times.

The announcement was made during a funds drive at Mauche ward, Njoro Sub County, where Political Advisor in the Office of the Governor, Hon. Joseph Kibore Rutto, delivered Governor Kihika’s contribution. Hon. Kibore emphasized the governor’s dedication to working closely with the community, highlighting the collective effort required to uplift Nakuru residents in all seasons.

Urging residents to continue rallying behind Governor Susan Kihika’s transformative leadership, Hon. Kibore outlined some of the governor’s notable achievements. These include the impactful launch of Imarisha Barabara, a program aimed at improving road infrastructure, and initiatives ensuring the distribution of subsidized fertilizer, availability of medical supplies, and access to clean water. These accomplishments reflect Governor Kihika’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of life for Nakuru residents.

Accompanied by Chief Officer Charles Koech PSTD, MCA Moses Koros, Tanui Kamugulet from Nessuit Ward, Women Representative Liza Chelule, former MCAs, and other dignitaries, Hon. Kibore Rutto reinforced the collaborative spirit that echoes the strength of community bonds. The presence of these leaders at the funds drive not only showcased their support for a community member in need but also emphasized the importance of collective efforts in fostering a united and resilient Nakuru.

As Governor Susan Kihika continues to prioritize community welfare, her support for former councillor Richard Bunei underscores the empathetic and responsive leadership that characterizes Nakuru County. The collaborative approach between the county government and the community reflects a shared commitment to supporting individuals during challenging times and building a stronger, more resilient Nakuru.

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