Governor Susan Kihika Unveils Transformational Lakeview Access Road in Naivasha Sub-County

Nakuru Governor, Her Excellency Susan Kihika, marked a significant milestone in the region’s development with the official commissioning of the newly tarmacked 2.1 kilometers Lakeview Access Road at Lakeview Ward, Naivasha Sub-County. This achievement has been met with widespread praise from area residents, who have long awaited a solution to the persistent dust issue plaguing the area.

The completion of the road tarmacking project signifies more than just improved infrastructure; it represents a transformative change for the community. The road’s enhancement, which also includes the installation of a 3.8 kilometers drainage system, addresses critical concerns such as dust pollution and flooding. This holistic approach to infrastructure development demonstrates Governor Kihika’s commitment to improving the quality of life for residents.

Area residents have expressed their gratitude to Governor Kihika’s administration for prioritizing this project, which has already begun to make a tangible difference in their daily lives. With the dust nuisance significantly reduced, residents can now enjoy cleaner air and improved health outcomes. Moreover, the implementation of the drainage system has alleviated fears of flooding, providing much-needed relief during the rainy season.

Governor Kihika’s vision for the region extends beyond the completion of the Lakeview Access Road. During her address at the commissioning ceremony, she outlined a comprehensive plan for further development initiatives, including the construction of a market, rehabilitation of roads through the Imarisha Barabara project, and the construction of motorbike shades. Additionally, ongoing efforts such as the cleaning and unblocking of the Kihoto drainage system underscore the government’s commitment to addressing environmental concerns and ensuring the well-being of its citizens.

Accompanied by Deputy Governor David Kones, County Secretary Dr. Samuel Mwaura, Chief of Staff Dr. Peter Ketyenya, and other county officials, Governor Kihika reaffirmed her administration’s dedication to fulfilling its promises to the people of Nakuru County. Through collaborative efforts with various stakeholders, including County Executives and Chief Officers, Governor Kihika continues to champion initiatives aimed at driving social and economic transformation in the region.

As Governor Kihika embarks on a journey to realize her vision for Nakuru County, the commissioning of the Lakeview Access Road serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment to progress and prosperity. With each project completed, the promise of a brighter future for all residents becomes increasingly attainable. Governor Kihika’s leadership is not only shaping the landscape of Nakuru County but also laying the foundation for sustainable development and inclusive growth.

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