Governor Susan Kihika’s Administration Extends Aid to Needy Families

Governor Susan Kihika’s administration in Nakuru County has brought joy to two needy families in Mau Narok and Njoro wards. As part of their commitment to humanitarian assistance, relief items, including mattresses, blankets, and assorted foodstuffs, were delivered to those in need during this festive Christmas season.

The delivery, orchestrated by a dedicated team of disaster management and humanitarian assistance officials, received support from the Mau Narok area Member of County Assembly (MCA), Hon. Cyrus Dida Ndegwa. This collaborative effort aimed to fulfill the mandate of providing essential relief to those facing challenges in the community.

Hon. Ndegwa, while overseeing the delivery, took the opportunity to highlight the development projects initiated by Governor Susan Kihika in his ward. These projects include the solarization and equipping of Mahiga and Majimingi water projects, the grading, murraming, and culvert installation on various roads within the ward, and a significant increase in bursary appropriation to the wards’ education committee.

Witnessing this act of kindness were the Mau Narok Ward Administrator, David Mwaura, and local administration elders, who acknowledged the positive impact of Governor Susan Kihika’s initiatives in their community. The relief items provided not only met immediate needs but also served as a testament to the administration’s dedication to the welfare of its residents.

Governor Susan Kihika, with her administration’s commitment to delivering on promises, continues to exemplify effective leadership by combining strategic development projects with a genuine concern for the well-being of the community. The collaborative efforts between the county officials, disaster management teams, and the local MCA underscore the power of unity in addressing the needs of the most vulnerable.

As Nakuru County embraces the spirit of giving during this festive season, the impact of Governor Susan Kihika’s administration reverberates through the hearts of the recipients, reminding everyone that together, we can create positive change and uplift those in need. This Christmas, the message is clear: Nakuru cares, and Governor Susan Kihika’s administration is leading the way in building a stronger, more compassionate community.

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