Governor Susan Kihika’s Vision Takes Root with Feeding the Future Launch

The County Executive Committee Member for Education, Zipporah Wambui, stood as the beacon of Governor Susan Kihika’s vision at the launch of the Feeding the Future programme to combat hunger and enhance education. The event, held at Sidai Primary School in Subukia sub-county, unfolded as a testament to the administration’s commitment to holistic development.

The Feeding the Future programme, generously funded by the Feeding Futures Organisation, has set its sights on alleviating hunger in local communities while integrating a crucial focus on nutrition. The launch at Sidai Primary School marked the initiation of a project that will directly impact 300 pupils in pre-primary and primary levels from the Munanda Community.

Representing H.E Governor Susan Kihika, Zipporah Wambui shared the governor’s profound dedication to addressing the pressing issue of hunger and its effects on education. The programme not only seeks to fill stomachs but also nourish minds, recognizing the symbiotic relationship between proper nutrition and educational outcomes.

During the launch, the County Executive Committee Member conveyed the Governor’s goodwill message and unveiled plans for a unique ECDE (Early Childhood Development and Education) feeding programme, reinforcing the administration’s multifaceted approach to uplifting educational standards.

Peterson Githinji, the Organisation’s County Chair, commended the collaborative efforts of the Departments of Education and Resource Mobilization. He reiterated the organisation’s commitment to working hand-in-hand with the County Government of Nakuru, emphasizing the shared goal of making a lasting impact on communities.

The presence of key figures in the education landscape added depth to the occasion. CO Education John Koech, CO Resource Mobilization Pastor Alex Maina, and members of the County Assembly Education Committee, led by Vice Chairman George Nene, joined the host MCA Ms. Isabella Makori and Hellen Chemtai Megek. Their collective presence underscored the unity of purpose in advancing education and tackling societal challenges.

As the Feeding the Future programme takes root, it becomes a symbol of hope and transformation for the Munanda Community and beyond. The collaborative spirit displayed at the launch sets a precedent for effective partnerships between government bodies and organizations striving to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the people they serve. Governor Susan Kihika’s vision, as represented by Zipporah Wambui, continues to manifest in actions that nourish not just bodies but the very essence of a promising future.

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