Honoring the Memory of Roy and Leon Kibet, Naivasha


Chief Officer of Public Participation and Citizen Engagement, Hon. Edward Gitau, recently joined grieving family and friends in Koyumtich, Soin ward, for the final send-off mass service of the late Roy Kipruto Kibet and Leon Kimaru Kibet. The two young boys tragically lost their lives in the Molo River just a fortnight ago, casting a somber cloud over the community.

Hon. Gitau, standing as a representative of HE Governor Susan Kihika, conveyed condolences to the mourners, emphasizing the governor’s commitment to promptly addressing the concerns of county residents. He expressed gratitude to the neighbors who provided unwavering support to the grieving family throughout the mourning period, illustrating the strength and compassion within the local community.

During his address, Hon. Gitau also brought attention to the county’s commitment to education, announcing that bursaries for high school and higher learning institutions’ beneficiaries would be made available later this month. This initiative underscores the county government’s dedication to empowering the youth and ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their pursuit of education.

Visoi ward MCA, Hon. Hellen Chemutai, took a moment to appreciate the County Government for its multifaceted support – moral, social, and financial – extended to the Kibet family since the tragic incident unfolded. This collaborative effort demonstrates the government’s holistic approach to community welfare, recognizing that support goes beyond mere financial aid.

The presence of the area administration chief, Former MCA Hon. Simon Kiprop, and representatives from the Senator’s office further highlighted the communal bond and the widespread acknowledgment of the need for collective support during times of tragedy.

As the community grapples with the profound loss of Roy and Leon Kibet, the collective response witnessed at the final send-off reflects a resilient spirit and a commitment to standing united in the face of adversity. The memory of these young lives will undoubtedly linger as a reminder of the importance of community, empathy, and the shared responsibility to uplift one another during life’s most challenging moments.

In this difficult time, the community’s collective strength shines through, illuminating a path towards healing and unity, as they join hands to remember and honor the lives of Roy and Leon Kibet

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