Imarisha Barabara Program Transforms Nakuru County Roads: A Testament to Governor Susan Kihika’s Commitment to Infrastructure

Nakuru County is witnessing a remarkable transformation of its feeder roads through the Imarisha Barabara program, aimed at rehabilitating and improving key access roads across the region. This initiative, spearheaded by H.E. Governor Susan Kihika, underscores her administration’s commitment to enhancing infrastructure and ensuring safer and smoother travel for residents and commuters.

In Nakuru West Sub County, the Barut feeder roads are currently undergoing significant upgrades. These improvements are set to boost local connectivity and ease the transportation challenges faced by residents, contributing to the overall economic and social development of the area.

In Nyota Ward, Kuresoi North Sub County, notable progress has been made with the grading of the Karirikan Wira access road and the Kaplelach-Telgana access road. These enhancements are vital for the local community, ensuring that travel is not only smoother but also significantly safer. Improved road conditions facilitate better access to essential services, markets, and schools, enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Mosop Ward is also benefiting from the Imarisha Barabara program, with ongoing efforts to improve road conditions. The grading of Chepseaon roads, along with the dozing of the Nduso-Keriko road, Gakween access road, and Sumeek road, marks a significant upgrade in local infrastructure. These improvements are crucial for the agricultural community, as they ensure better access to markets and reduce transportation costs for farmers.

Dundori Ward in Bahati Sub County is witnessing substantial progress with the grading of Wangoho, Tabuga, Hakaigua, and Ngaru access roads. These developments are part of a broader strategy to enhance rural infrastructure, providing residents with better road conditions and improving connectivity within the sub-county.

Moreover, in Turi Ward, the rehabilitation of the Mushorwe access road and Kariara access road is underway. These efforts are aimed at addressing the long-standing infrastructural challenges faced by the local community. By ensuring that these roads are in good condition, the county government is making it easier for residents to travel, access services, and engage in economic activities.

The ongoing road rehabilitation projects are a clear reflection of Governor Susan Kihika’s commitment to addressing the infrastructural needs of Nakuru County. Her administration’s focus on improving road networks is in line with her broader vision of fostering economic growth and enhancing the quality of life for all residents.

The transformation of Nakuru County’s road networks through the Imarisha Barabara program is set to have a lasting impact on the region. Improved roads not only enhance safety and convenience for travelers but also stimulate economic activities by facilitating better access to markets and services. This initiative highlights the proactive steps being taken by Governor Kihika’s administration to build a brighter future for Nakuru County.

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