Innovative Solar Bubble Dryer to Empower Nakuru Farmers for Enhanced Crop Drying

The Mwireri Farmers Cooperative Society in Elburgon Ward in Molo Sub-county, along with the Mauka Farmers Cooperative Society in Mauche Ward, Njoro Sub-county, have been trained in the use of the solar bubble drier.

This innovative technology is used to dry maize and other agricultural crops, including horticultural and cash crops like pyrethrum. The solar bubble drier has an impressive capacity, able to dry between 10-20 bags of maize, depending on the moisture content.

The drier significantly improves upon the traditional sun-drying process, eliminating losses due to spillage, animals, and unpredictable weather conditions. The training was conducted at the respective warehouses an exercise led by the County Agricultural Officers.

This is in efforts by the County Government of Nakuru to empower farmers with the necessary skills and tools to increase their productivity and improve their livelihoods.

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