Kimaech Box Culvert Construction in Tinet Ward, Kuresoi South Sub-County progressing well

Kiamech box culvert construction

The construction of the Kimaech Box Culvert in Tinet Ward, Kuresoi South Sub-County, is making significant progress. The project, which was recently handed over to the contractor, is a crucial infrastructure development aimed at effectively managing the flow of water and enhancing drainage in the area.

The ongoing construction involves the installation of a 5-meter-long by 4-meter-wide box culvert, along with the installation of gabions. This infrastructure improvement, with an estimated cost of sh2.9 million, is designed to address water drainage challenges in the region.

Kiamech box culvert construction
Kimaech box culvert construction

The successful completion of the Kimaech Box Culvert project is expected to contribute to better water flow management, preventing potential flooding and ensuring the safety and well-being of the local community. Additionally, it sets the stage for the commencement of the Kapkembu Bridge construction in Tinet Ward, further enhancing the region’s infrastructure for the benefit of residents.

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