Land initiative and development plans- Kuresoi South

In an announcement that has brought hope and excitement to the residents of Kiptagich and Amalo Wards in Kuresoi South sub-county, Nakuru Governor H.E. Susan Kihika revealed that the national government has lifted caveats on lands in five crucial areas: Ambusket, Chepakundi, Kiptagich, Cheptuech, and KTDA. This landmark decision opens new doors for the local population, allowing them to harness the full potential of their lands for agricultural purposes and access loans using their land titles. Governor Kihika credited H.E. President William Ruto for this directive, acknowledging its significant benefits for landowners in the region.

During her visit to these wards, Governor Kihika, joined by her Deputy, H.E. David Kones, highlighted an array of ongoing development projects. The region is currently witnessing the transformation of its infrastructure, with road construction and improvements to healthcare centers. Additionally, early childhood development centers are being established, along with various agricultural initiatives aimed at bolstering the local economy.

One standout commitment from Governor Kihika is the push for the construction and tarmacking of the Olenguruone – Chepakundi – Sierra Leone Road. This project will enhance transportation connectivity and facilitate the swift transfer of agricultural produce to markets, boosting the economic prospects of the region.

She also unveiled a host of upcoming projects that will further elevate the quality of life for her constituents. The completion of the Olenguruone Sub- County Hospital is on the horizon, promising improved healthcare services for the community. The construction of 200 units of affordable housing will provide shelter to those in need, and the provision of subsidized fertilizers underscores the commitment to support and enhance local agriculture.

In her address, Governor Kihika urged the residents to rally behind her administration in delivering on these promises. She emphasized the pivotal role of leaders in staying focused on their designated responsibilities and delivering on the duties for which they were elected. With her unwavering dedication to progress, Governor Susan Kihika has ignited a spark of hope and development in Kuresoi South, a region poised for transformation and growth.

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